Time and Documents for Social Institute Mortgage loan application, How to Apply

How to apply for mortgages

How to apply for mortgages

The Government Agency was abolished in 2012 following the reform of the Monti government’s social security system. All the body’s services have passed under the jurisdiction of Social Institute. This is therefore the social security institution to which public employees and pensioners who wish to apply for ex Government Agency mortgages must refer. But how to apply? What are the documents for the Social Institute mortgage application? Let’s see it together.

Those who wish to apply for an Social Institute ex Government Agency mortgage loan at a subsidized rate must first of all have the Social Institute Pin code. Code that is necessary to use the online service for the transmission of the request. Those who are not in possession of the Pin can request it at the reference Social Institute office, or by using the guided procedure for requesting the Pin.

Documents and sending times

Documents and sending times

When applying, it is necessary to present a whole series of documents, which vary according to the purpose of the loan and the subjects involved. In fact, we would like to remind you that since 2015, the management of the former Government Agency of Social Institute provides for the possibility of requesting mortgage loans also for different purposes when purchasing the first home.

In fact, it is possible to request mortgages also to meet the costs of restructuring or maintenance of the home. Among the purposes we also mention the purchase of a garage or a parking space to be used as a home.

The complete list of documents for the Social Institute mortgage application is available on the inps.it website. Here you can find all the technical and administrative documentation needed when applying.

We remind you that the request must be sent in compliance with the time windows set by Social Institute. Specifically, it is possible to send the application only from 1 to 10 of the months of January, May and September.

Once the deadlines for the transmission of the application have elapsed, the Social Institute informs the applicants if the resources allocated are sufficient to satisfy all the applications received.

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